Dickies - She Loves Me Not tab

Band - The Dickies
Song - She Loves Me Not
Tabbed By : SumFX (Tyler Freear)

Rather Odd Little Song This Is! 1.18 Seconds Long!

Only 2 Riffs So This Is Easy For Beginners!

More Dickies To Come? You Bet!!!

Riff 1|--------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||----1010101010101010------1212121212121212--||-8--1010101010101010--10--1212121212121212--||-8--8-8-8-8-8-8-8-8---10--1010101010101010--||-6--------------------8---------------------|
Riff 2|---------------||---------------||-12--10--9--7--||-12--10--9--7--||-10--8---7--5--||---------------|
Structure Riff 1 x 13 Riff 2 x 1 Riff 1 x 9 Riff 2 x 1 Riff 1 x 9 Riff 2 x 1 Riff 1 x What Ever You Like ! (Fade Out) Well I Bet Your Dieing For The Lyrics Huh? Here They Are! SHE LOVES ME NOT SHE LOVES ME SHE LOVES ME NOT WELL I SAY THAT SHE... Thats All! Rate & Comments Are Much Appriciated!
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