Dicky Gee – Destiny tab

Song Title: Destiny
Song Writer: Dick Gist

June 26, 2001

Capo 4

G      D      A      C
Angels Falling from the sky
G    D     A            Em
only seen through naked eyes
G      D   A          C
Whats this wonder that i see
G      D     A Em
Could it be my destiny
Falling star in the far
burning up with power
my heart full of desire
Could this be my destiny

G              D      A        Em
I dance as the oceans crash on the shore
G              D         A       Em
I will shine as the moonlight on your open door
G                  D    A       Em
I will sing as the wind racing through the trees
G               D               A         Em
and I will soar like an eagle, to find my destiny

My sould cries out to me
spread your wing and fly free
but i clutch the ground in fear
where am i to go from here
Then the storm clouds break apart
A hope and peace from my heart
it knows away to make me free
my heart will find my destiny


My mind screams out give it up
my body yells we've had enough
and people say i wont survive
how am i to stay alive?
So when i fear the path i take
when i feels its a big mistake
Stop an listen
my heart will see
and lead me to my destiny

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