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Title: "Examical Panic"
From: "Die stolzen Holzbolzen"


verse: |: a/a7   E/E7 :|    Ref.: |: h II   cisIV :|    |  GisIV  fis II |   |  a(sus2)  E  |   d.c.

1. verse:
 What do you do? 
Where do you go?
I don't know,
It grieves me so, though.

Why do you strive,
Dive into the crowd.
What is it for,
What all about?

1. ref.:
Day and night,
Its always the same fight.
But what do you do,
To make your dreams 
	come true?

2. verse:
Where is your faith?
Make up your mind!
Wake up and stand,
Its ours to strike!

So raise your voice now,
Say what's up.
Alter your life
To do what you must!

2. ref.:
Why do you wait.
Linger and hesitate?
Damn!, don't ya see,
The future is ours
	to be!!

3. verse:
Instrumental: |: a/a7   E/E7 :|

3. ref.: 1. repeat refrain!

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