Cardboard chords with lyrics by Diet Cig for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Diet Cig – Cardboard chords

D Bm G A x2

DLet's start with I'm sorry
BmI didn't go to your show
G AThe thought of seeing you depressed me too much to go
D BmAnd I smell like cigarettes and last nights booze
G AI hate everybody here but that's no excuse
Doo wo-oh-oh
Bmoo wo-oh-oh
Goo wo-oh-oh
Aoo wo-oh-oh
DLet it go
BmMaybe never come back
GBut if I see you around
AYou know I'll wished you'd have asked
DDo the crosswalks still talk?
BmDo the kids still dance?
G ADid you ever get to run across the quad in your underpants?
[Switch to one strum for each chord]
D BmDo you still have to act cool in front of certain people?
G ADoes your record player still have a broken needle?
DAnd if I ever get to leaving
Bm GCan I count on you to believe in me
AAnd all I want to be
DAnd if ever I get to going
BmCan I count on you to forget how
G AI never cared about anything
Doo wo-oh-oh
Bmoo wo-oh-oh
Goo wo-oh-oh
Aoo wo-oh-oh
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