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From: yoharaguchi@vassar.edu
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 1996 20:51:41 -0400
Subject: Ani_Difranco.Tab: The_Diner and Untouchable_Face

The Diner
by Ani Difranco

On Out of Range she's tuned in E but sometimes live she tunes down....in
which case
you can tune the B string to c and not have to fret it....I can't tell on
the album which way it is....

tunning: EBEGB(orD)E (or sometimes live DADFA (orC) D) (in one show it is
d# so do it how you like it)

The first part.... If you tune the b-string up than just play it open..-----0-0--(0)-/-(0)-/-(0)-------|-----3-3--(0)-/-(0)-/-(0)- <----|If you tune the b string up play open always...-----0-0--(0)-/-(0)-/-(0)-------|-----------5--/--7--/-10--------|-----------5--/--7--/-10--------|-0-0-------5--/--7--/-10--------| (strum these very quickly and slide between them)
The second.....
-(0)--(0)---(0)--------------|-(0)--(0)---(0)--------------|-(0)--(0)---(0)--------------|--9---(7)----5---------------|--9---(7)----5---------------|--9---(7)----5---------------|Again strum quickly and slide down... make sure you sond on the seventh,tho it's notreally the emphesis...the 9 and 5 are what's important....
Before the pauses sometimes there are a few hits which are just 0 3 0 0 0 0 the ending where she's talking "I think your the least fuckedup person i ever met......" on the low E -----0---3---5---7-----0---3---5---2---
and some where at the end there are some harmonics.....---12----------|---12----------|---12----------|-------12------|-------12------|-------12------|
That should be all you need, just listen to it to get how many time thru and stuff as it changes....enjoy! -yosh! 'No one's perfect especially not me' I'd be greatful if you sent corrections to: yoharaguchi@vassar.edu
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