Dilba – Im Sorry tab

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Date: Mon, 21 Apr 1997 08:17:57 +0200
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Subject: TAB: "I'm sorry" ,by "Dilba"

---==D I L B A==---
              I'm sorry

Part I:|--3-----3-----3-0---0---3-----3-----|||----0-----0-------3---3---3-----3---|||----------------------------------*-|||----------------------------------*-|||------------------3-------3---------|||--0-0-----0-------------------------||
Part II:|--3-----3-----3---3-----3-----3-----|||----0-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---|||------------------------------------|||------------------------------------|||------------------------------------|||--0-0-----0-------0-0-----0---------||
Notes from me: (Scince it's a song in english, I'll write in english, even though I guess it's not known outside Sweden.) Played, I belive, on a twelvestringed acoustic. How to play: Well, nothing fancy, first part I a couple of times, then Part II one time. Repeat this pattern throughout the verse. (O.K. not really through, there's a part just before the chorus, that's different, I'll work on it :-). ) For the CHORUS? My friend told me C & D. The LYRICS? I've got them, but I don't have the energy totype them down.If I get some requests for it, I could probably take the time. Petter Be Quick Or Be Dead... (Iron Maiden)
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