Dinah Washington – What A Difference A Day Made chords

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Although this song was popularized by Dinah Washington, it has been
performed by countless artists.  I have written it out in a key that is
comfortable for me, along with some altered chords that I find appropriate
through my jazz background.

Verse 1:
Gm7What a difference a day made
C7sus Fmaj7 Bb7Twenty four little hours
Am7 D7 Gm7Brought the sun and the flowers
C7 Fmaj7Where there use to be rain
Em7 A7My yesterday was blue dear
Dm7 Today I'm a part of you dear
C/D G7My lonely nights are through dear
C7susSince you said you were mine
Verse 2: ========
Gm7What a difference a day made
C7sus Fmaj7 Bb7There's a rainbow before me
Am11 Ab13(#11) Gm7Skies above can't be stormy
C7sus C7(#5) F7susSince that moment of bliss
Cm7 F7That thrilling kiss
Bbmaj7 Eb13(#4)It's heaven when you
Am7 Abdim7Find romance on your menu
Gm7 C7What a difference a day made
FAnd the difference is you
[Solo and repeat where it feels right]
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