Dire Straits – Brothers In Arms chords

Standard tuning
Capo on 4th fret

Transcribed from the "A night in London" DVD 
from the early days of Mark Knopfler's solo 
career.  The acoustic guitar has a stronger
presence in this version than in both studio version 
and other live recordings and the 12 string acoustic
guitar gives this version a special sound.

Em - C - Am 
Em - C - Am
Em - C - Am - C - D
Em  - C - Am

Em C DThese mist covered mountains
G C GAre a home now for me
Em BmBut my home is the lowlands
C DAnd always will be
Em BmSome day you'll return to
C DYour valleys and your farms
EmAnd you'll no longer burn
C DTo be brothers in arms
Em - C - Am Same chord progression for the rest of the song.
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