Dire Straits - Brothers In Arms chords version 2

Am F GThese mist covered moun tains
C F CAre a home now for me
Am EmBut my home is the low lands
F GAnd always will be
Am EmSome day you'll return to
F GYour valleys and your farms
AmAnd you'll no longer burn
Dm G Am F GTo be brothers in arms
Am F GThrough these fields of destruct ion
C F CBaptisms of fire
Am EmI've watched all your suffering
F GAs the battles raged higher
Am EmAnd though they did hurt me so bad
F GIn the fear and alarm
AmYou did not desert me
Dm G Am F GTo be brothers in arms
Am G Am GThere's so many different worlds
F GSo many different suns
Am G Am GAnd we have just one world
F G FBut we live in different ones
Am F GNow the sun's gone to hell
C F CAnd the moon's riding high
Am EmLet me bid you farewell
F GEvery man has to die
Am EmBut it's written in the star-light
F GAnd every line on your palm
AmWe're fools to make war
Dm GOn our brothers in arms
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