Dirk Hamilton – Pictures Of You chords

Pictures Of You  - words and music by Dirk Hamilton

This is my first shot at this; I'm sure there are some mistakes. Something's not quite 
right in the "bloom and grow" part. Dirk does a lot of tricky stuff when he plays; You 
can hear the song on his official website http://dirkhamilton.com at this link:
http://www.dirkhamilton.com/07fun/clips_vid/picturesofyou.mov  in case you want to help 
me out here.

Harp openit:

G//////////// D C

G D CPictures of you
G D CThat I drew in blue
GHang from the wall in my room
C Dand the eyes seem to taunt me
G D Cit’s the same mistake
G D Cthat I always make
Gcome back again and again
C Dlike a ghost sent to haunt me
G Dlove is a fragile thing
C Gjust like an angel wing
C Gand god makes the kind of things
Cthat bloom and go
Dand come and go
G DCwith the spring
Harp bit
G D Cin a tiny seed
G D Cis a secret speed
Gtoo fast to find with your mind
C Dit comes up sooooooooooo slow
G D Cand I’m so confused
G D Cand it hurts right through
Gknowing we both have to quit
C Dwhile something’s still growing
G Dlove is a precious thing
C Gjust like an angel wing
C Ghope is in all the things
Cthat bloom and grow
Dand come and go
G D Cwith the spring
harp solo
G Dhearing the morning sing
C Gand all of the wondering
C Gwhat makes us hurt the things
Cthat bloom and grow
DI’ll never know
Cbut they bloom and grow
Dand come and go
Gwith the spring
Harp endit
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