Dirty Heads – Lay Me Down tab ver. 4

	          Lay Me Down - The Dirty Heads (ft. Rome)

Tabbed by: jhayton
Email: mrbig_18@msn.com

Tuning: standard

This is pretty simple, the whole song only has four different chords

The chords are all barre chords... and are Gmaj, Am, Em, Bmaj. The chords are below:

Gmaj Am Em Bmaje|------------3--------------5--------------7-------------7----------------|B|------------3--------------5--------------8-------------7----------------|G|------------4--------------5--------------9-------------8----------------|D|------------5--------------7--------------9-------------9----------------|A|------------5--------------7--------------7-------------9----------------|E|------------3--------------5--------------x-------------7----------------|
The intro, the prechorus, and the chorus/dancehall all only have the same two chords: and Am. Intro: Gmaj x4 Am x4 woooah-uh-oh oh no no..etc The verses are three chords: Em, Am, Bmaj Verse: Em x2 well this is how it starts Am x2 two lovers in the dark Bmaj x4 on the run from the one that they call sherriff sparks Prechorus: Gmaj x4 I said I wish that we could stay here Am x4 But I feel our time has come Gmaj x 4 We could ride out in the darkness Am x4 hasing the rising sun Gmaj x 4 We gotta back our bags this instant Am x 4 We're heading southbound to the next town Gmaj x4 And if we arrive so safely Am x 4 Baby you can lay me down Chorus/Dancehall: {Gmaj x4 to Am x 4} repeat 4 times "Lay me down..." Bridge/Dancehall: The section that goes "well you're my green eyed girl...etc" is the exact same chord as the chorus... but it is repeated 8 times. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That is the entire song in a nutshell... change the words for the different verses and variation on the prechorus. The rhythm is really easy to pick up.. just listen to the song a few times. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ At the end Duddy has a little solo/outro... here are the tabs for that:
He adds a little bit of flare to it... but this is the basis of the solo. (it doesn't really matter where you slide from, pick AS you are sliding) ******************** * * * | / slide up | * * | ~ vibrato | * * * ********************
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