On My Way chords with lyrics by Dirty Heads - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dirty Heads – On My Way chords

Whats up, this is my first tab. This is one of my favorite songs from The Dirty 
Heads, so i figured i would try and tab it out. If you find any mistakes feel free 
to add to it or edit it. Thanks

Chords used are E, B, A. Play E & B 3x's then followed by A
Listen for strumming.

Chorus/verse is the same the whole song just different strum patterns.

E B Ae|--7x----7x----5---------------|B|--9x----7x----5---------------|G|--9x----8x----5---------------|D|--9x----9x----7---------------|A|--7x----9x----7---------------|E|--------7x----5---------------|
Bridge 1:35-1:56 not to sure on this part.e|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------------|G|-----------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------4--6--4---- 4---4---4--4--4--6--6-------------|A |--4--4--4h7----------7----7---7---------------------------|E|----7--7---------------------------------------------------|
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