Dirty Projectors – Dance For You chords

I didn't have the patience to tab the bridge, 
but the verse and chorus are pretty straightforward. 
Longstreth usually just plays the higher notes in each chord. 

Capo on the 2nd Fret 

Chords (relative to capo)

A     577655
D     x57775
Bm 799777Bm2 x24432
Esus4 022200 E 022100 D/A 557775 E/B 779997 B7 797877 VERSE
A D Bm Bm2I ran across cyanide plains
D Bm2 Esus4 EMind like a prison cell
D/A E/B But feet untethered and sane
A D Bm B7I wondered out, homeless and sad
D Bm2 Esus4 E No thought of where I go
D/A B/E Or how I ever get back
E/B BmThere is an answer
E/B Bm I haven't found it
E/B D/A ABut I will keep dancing till I do
D A ohh, ohh, ohh
I boogied down gargoyle streets Searching in every face, For something I could believe I never knew what Congress is I wanna feel the breath of a force I cannot explain
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