Dishwalla – Once In A While tab

Once In A While
Tabbed by: Kevin  AOL IM: kjlee2112
Tuning: eBGDAE

Chord Key:

C C/B Am G D/F# F|-0---0---0---3---2---1--||-1---1---1---3---3---1--||-0---0---2---0---2---2--||-2---0---2---0---0---3--||-3---2---0---2---0---3--||-x---x---x---3---2---1--|
Riff 1:
Riff 2:To me, it sounds like riff 2 is part of the bass line, but for playing solo acoustic, it pretty good to add it in.|---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||---------------------------------||------3b4~--3b4~-----------------||--3h5-----5------5~~-------------|
Chorus: C C/B Am When you close your eyes G D/F# Do you like what you see? F Inside your mind C C/B Am And do you like to dream G D/F# About the stars above F Once in a while? Play (Riff 1) x2 over the verse chords of Am, G, D/F# Verse 1: Am G D/F# (Riff 2) Don't go to the otherside Am G D/F# (Riff 2) For nothin' at all Am G D/F# (Riff 2) And it'll make it worth your while Am G D/F# (No Riff 2) Gonna break down that wall F(single upstroke strum, let ring out) Gonna take the fall CHORUS (with acoustic and doubling distorted electrics) Play: (Riff 1) x2 over the verse chords of Am, G, D/F# Am G D/F# (Riff 2) Don't go to the other side Am G D/F# (Riff 2) You might mess up that hair Am G D/F# (Riff 2) Just wait you might change your mind Am G D/F# (No Riff 2) To think that people might care F About your hair anyway CHORUS (with acoustic and doubling electric guitars) Play: (Riff 1 and Solo) x4 over the verse chords of Am, G, D/F# [Since I'm not one for doing exactly the same solo, I'd just pull out a slide and go in A Blues or something. Whatever floats your boat. He does use a slide though, for just every solo/interlude in the song.] Bridge: The chords here are strummed once, and where the chord is in parenthesis, it is implied, it's not actually played, but it's tonality is there. Am D/F# Don't go to the other side Am (D/F#) Just get down on your knees (Am) (D/F#) And show me what you are made of (Am) (D/F#) I'm begging you please F Just please go away CHORUS x2 (second time to end with some solo guitar work in A) C C/B Am G Don't go to the other side (G) D/F# Once in a while F Once in a while C C/B Am G Don't go to the other side (G) D/F# Once in a while F(let ring out to end) Onnnnnnnnnnce in a while
A Blues Scale:Just to get you started--|--5----------8--||--5----------8--||--5-------7--8--||--5-------7-----||--5---6---7-----||--5----------8--|
Enjoy! Any questions, email me or look me up on AIM.
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