Dixie Chicks – Baby Hold On tab

Artist: Dixie Chicks
Song: Baby Hold On
Album: Taking The Long Way

The riff is played the whole way through the verse. It can be played with the chords 
sounds pretty cool! I tried to tab it as best I could but it should be easy enough to work 
once you have the general notes

Intro and Verse Riff: A7 DE--------0----0-h-2-3-2-0-2---|B--2--3--2--3-2---------------|G--0--2--2--2-3---------------|D--2--2--2--2-----------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
A D DmE--------0-----0-h-2-2--1-----|B--2--3--2--3--3-----3--3-----|G--2--2--2--2--2-----2--2-----|D--2--2--2--2-----------------|A-----------------------------|E-----------------------------|
A(riff) D A Hey it might never be the same D Dm A We might never live those days G D Gone by E But we can try A(riff) D A Good morning’ lets kick the babies out of bed D Dm A How bout you and me instead G D Hanging on E Esus Up and gone CHORUS-- A Baby hold on F#m Lets start this over C#m Baby hold on E We’re not much older now A Baby hold on F#m If you still see what I see Bm Keep holding on Dm Hold on to me (Riff) A(riff) D A Baby, it’s good to see you smile again D Dm A G D I know we can’t escape so lets pretend E We’re someplace else A(riff) It’s a new day D A Let’s look at all we got D Dm A G D It’s everything we thought we ever wanted E And it’s beautiful CHORUS-- SOLO-- A D I look across the room and catch you staring at me A D See the light we almost left behind A G So lead me by the hand and let me go D Lets make up for lost time wowww CHORUS-- fly_with_de_pigs@hotmail.com www.chicksrockchicksrule.com
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