Dixie Chicks – Landslide chords ver. 2

Capo 5 (atleast for my voice, adjust accordingly)

C: 032010
D/B: 020030
Am: 002210
D7: 200210
G: 300000
G/F#: 200000
Em: 022000

try travis picking if you know it, if not just strum

C D/B Am D/Bi took my love and took it down
C D/B Am D/Bclimbed a mountain and i turned around and i
C DB Am D/B saw my reflection in the snow covered hills 'till the
C D/B Am D/Blandslide brought me down Oh,
C D/B Am D/Bmirror in the sky what is love? can the
C D/B Am D/Bchild within my heart rise above? can i
C D/B Am D/Bsail through the changing ocean tides? can i
C D/B Am D/Bhandle the seasons of my life?
C D/B Am D/B
C D/B Am D7 well
G D/F# Em Emi've been afraid of changing cause i
C D/B Am D7built my life around you but
G D/F#times make you bolder
Em Emchildren get older and
C D/B Am D/Bi'm getting older too oh
C D/B Ami'm getting older too
verses are all the same
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