Sirens tab with lyrics by Dizzee Rascal - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dizzee Rascal – Sirens tab

This is a pretty basic song and uses the old trick
of combining Hip Hop and Metal with a break reminiscent
of Straight Outta Compton and a filthy downtuned riff

There's really only 2 guitar parts in this song. The first
of which is that nasty lowdown powerchord which is a B5,
this means tuning down to Drop B tuning. That's C# tuning
with the lowest string tuned down a further tone to B

Part 1

C#|------------|G#|------------|E |------------|B |-0--0-------|F#|-0--0-------|B |-0--0-------|
This sounds best with plenty of fuzz and a touch of reverb played on a guitar with regular gauge strings so the heavy handed strums really rattle the strings. A bridge singlecoil will help the wirey, jangley sound of loose strings cut through the fuzz Part 2 This is a pretty brief part in the song that features a Locrian progression to create a fairly cliched nu metal riff.
C#|-------------|G#|-------------|E |-------------|B |-------------|F#|-0--1--6---5-|B |-0--1--6---5-|
That F5 (the third chord in the riff) is slightly longer than the two chords preceeding it to break up the beat and add a bit of syncopation. Hope you enjoy it. It's a nice tune to whip out in front of your less rocky mates! Feel free to rate this or use this tab as a basis for a more accurate version if you spot any mistkaes (lolz) xx
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