Dj Ashba - Wonder chords


i'm kind of playing it my own way, with a more acoustic vibe, so yeah...
here are my chord charts:

G [for verse/chorus]: 320033
G/F#: 200233
Em: 022033
C [for chorus]: x32033

A: x02220
C [for bridge]: x32010
G [for bridge]: 320003
D: xx0232

remember, this is all 1/2 step down!
just follow the song if you have it, and if you don't, i can send it to you.

G G/F#everything that i said
Em G/F# always seemed to come out wrong
G G/F#everything that we had
Em G/F# i took for granted all along
G G/F# now i can't change it,
Em G/F#even though i wish i could
G G/F# Cand i can't believe it got this far
Ccuz everyday
Gi wonder how you are
G/F#i wonder how you've been
Emand if you're doin fine
Call the time
G G/F# Em G/F#i know i didn't call you even though i said i would
G G/F# Em G/F#i know i didn't tell you quite as often as i should
G G/F# Em G/F#i know i didn't write you and lie to say i was good
G G/F# Ci cant believe it got this far
Ccuz everyday...
A C G D A C the more i try, the more i always seem to make things worse
G Di'm tired of fighting
A C Gcuz bein with me must have
D A Cmust have been so hard on you
Dso hard
Dit's all that i can take
-guitar solo- same chords as CHORUS x2 VERSE 3:
G G/F#i know i never showed you
Em G/F#i guess i just thought you knew
G G/F#i know i never held you
Em G/F#even though you cried and begged me to
G G/F#i know that i dont last long
Em G/F#at love and what not to do
G G/F# Emi cant believe it got this far
G G/F# Emmmmmmmm, all the time
G/F# G G/F# Emall the time
made by sarah s.
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