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Dj Khaled – Fed Up chords

“Fed Up”
(feat. Usher, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Drake, Lil’ Wayne)

Some beats, a few beats missing for one verse, so if you figure it out, please let 
me know so I can update it. But this makes a good beat in the chorus and verses:)

Ab Abm EDJ Khaled, oh
the streets is fed up (who else nigga?) F# Ab
we fed up (we the best) Bthe runners, usher talk to em
E Abmit was all a dream yeah homey I am on my job
B F# Abmand you can’t take that away from me (can’t take that away)
E Abmyeah I got my team and I got all of my niggas behind me (see me nigga)
B F# Dband they give me the love I need (yeah)
E AbmI got my foot in the door we still hustlin for more
B F# Abmcheck in the game and back in the light (yeahh)
E Abm B I’m fed up (ayy) I’m fed up (ayy) I’m fed up (ay)
E F#I’m so sick and tired of being sick and tired
[Young Jeezy] Rythm on verse is quick Abm-F# F#-Abm, Db-B B-Abm I am absolutely positively on my grizzy even though I’m sick and I’m tired I gets busy started a 62 but it ended up a frisbee and me I like to sit at the stove until I’m dizzy ball so hard it’s like I brought the game with me left my glove so white you thought I brought jermaine with me bout to paint a perfect picture like I brought the frame with me (I’m fed up, I’m fed up) I give it all up before I let the fame get me I got niggas tryna sue me bitches tryna do me way these niggas actin you’d a thought they never knew me but these niggas know me and half them niggas owe me I’m fed up probably why I’m actin like the old me [Chorus] [Rick Ross] I’m sick and tired of you suckas so now I’m fed up somebody catch the chain I’m bout to tear his head off shorty bendin over know I’m bout to tear it up before you let your top back get your bread up made history but now we claimin victory get ya out the white house go back to your efficiencies suckas feel me and I know you haters hear me (I’m fed up, I’m fed up) like IRS you wonderin what I’m makin yearly let them brown bags circulate (stack) so I perpetrate (never) we shining in the bottom cause we down to twekalate lookin at the parking lot better get your mind right I hope you fed up being broke because the times right (Ross) [Chorus] [Drake]
Abm F#-EUh, me and Wayne was gettin high on em
he leaned over and told me just don’t retire on em and when they give ya they shoulders never cry on em and when they love you to death just never die on em and the question still remains have I counted all the money that I’ve managed to obtain? niggas dedicating overtime to damaging my name and somehow I’m still the hottest mofucka in the game [Lil Wayne] I’m happy to be back man…. I’m tired of these haters That’s why I go hard like A.C. Slater Weezy Baby here, y’all prenatal I just get the beat and murk it out like Frado Uhh I’m sick of being criticized That’s why I’m higher than a star trek enterprise I do it big don’t get mad cuz you minimized I keep a red flag case I get penalized..uh Its young money like you didn’t know Stop playing I hit Drizzy with the give and go It was all a dream, now we the dream team Who trying to see us, you seeing things Hustle like I still pay rent man Got a chest full of heart no tin man Uhh..Kha Kha Khaled I’m fed up, flow wake the dead up Weezy [Usher] yeah how bout I been in this been breakin records since ‘9-4 so I aint gotta brag about records that I’ve broke records that I hold and records that I’ve sold and I’m fed up with these niggas relieving my lingo (yeahhhhh) don’t bite the hand of your provider cause man if I aint influenced you you a liar I’m on fire you just a biter you need to wake up and realize [Chorus]
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