Dj Oetzi – Hey Baby tab

Hey baby
Deejay ?tzi
Bj?rn Elsner (
This is not correct (or?).But i hope.But it is a pattern to the song!
Ski Heil :)),Bj?rn

The Chorus arranged for guitar|---------------------------------------------------------------||-3--5--0--3------5------------3-0-1-3-0--------0---------------||------------------------2--0---------------2-0----2--0-0-4-4-0-||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------||---------------------------------------------------------------|
Chorus [C] [G] [D][A] Heeeeeyyyy Hey Baby uh ah [D] [C] [G] i wanna knooow if you be my girl (two three four five six seven eight) VERSES: when i saw you walking down the street i know thats the kind of girl I like to meet shes so pretty lord shes fine im gonna make her min all mine VERSE 2: when you turn and walk away thets hen i wanna say common baby gimme a word i wanna know if you be my girl CHORUS VERSE I VERSE 2 (2times) CHORUS (5 times)
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