Django Reinhardt – Georgia On My Mind tab

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Ive just copyed and pasted Giorgio's tab on so that we who use macs can still get it. I 
this song and Giorgio's done a great job.

As recorded by Martin Taylor
(From the 1992 Album ARTISTRY)

Transcribed by Giorgio Maletti

 Music by Hoagy Carmichael/Stuart Gorrell
Arranged by Martin Taylor

Gtr I (E A D G B E) - 'Untitled'

    E            F#GmG#m7D#m11      G#7sus4 G#7
  Gtr I
    |3-|                    |--3--| |-3--|
a E Q +Q E E E E Q E E S S E E +E E E|------7--(7)----------|------4-5-4-------------||-8s9-(9)-(9)----------|------------7---------4-||--------------1-2-3-4-|-6--6---------6-(6)-5---||-8s9-(9)-(9)----2-3-4-|-4--4---------------4---||----------------------|-6--6-------------------||---0-----(0)--0-2-3-4-|------------4-----------| Q Q E E E E Q Q H
| C#mCm7Bm7 E9 A7 A9 D9add4 |3-| |---3---| |-3-| |3| |3-|
Q Q E S E S S E a E E a Q E Q Q T S S S S|-----------------7-9-7-----|-0-----0------------------------||----------7---9--7-----8p7-|---------0----5---7h=8---7--5---||-9--8--7-(7)-(7)-7-------7-|---5s6---6----5---5-(5)-(5)---5-||-9--8--7-(7)-(7)---------7-|---4s5---5---(5)----------------||-----------------7---------|-0---------7--5---5-------------||-9--8--7-------------------|--------------------------------|
Q Q Q Q E Q E E E Q Q |---3---| |-3-|
G#m7+5 G#m7 C#1G13 F#7 B9 A7 |-3--| |--3---| |--3--| |-3--| |-3--| |----3----| |--3--|
E E E a E E E e E E e E E E E E Q E E a E E E E|--------------7---9--11--------9-------|------0--------9-------------------||--5--5-7-7s9-(9)-(9)-12--------9----5--|-2-2-(2)---------7b7.5-7p5----5--7-||--4------------------11-------10----4--|-3----------------------------6----||-(4)-----7s9-------------------9----3--|-2----------------------------5----||---------------------11----------------|-----------------------------------||--4---------------------11-10----3-(3)-|-2-------4-5-6-7-----------5-(5)---|
Q a Q e E E E E +E Q E E E Q Q |--3--| |-3--| |-3-|
G#13 C#7+9+C#9 G7 F#7 B11 |-3-| |--3---| |--3--| |--3---| |--3--| |-3-| |-3--|
Q a E E E E E E E E a E E +E E E E E E E E E E E|-4------4--------5---4------------|-------------------------(0)-0---||-6--5s6----------5---4------3h5-3-|---------2---5-----5---0--0------||-5--4s5----------4---4------4-----|--3--(3)---3-------6---6--5----5-||-4--3s4----------3----------3-----|-(2)-------2-------7-7----7------||-4--------6-5-4-(4)-(4)-----------|---------------------------------||-4----------------------4-3-------|--2------------2s6-7------7------|
Q E E s s E +E +S S Q Q E E a E Q Q |--3--| |----3----| |--3--|
E D#m11 G#7sus4 G#7 |-3-| |-3-| |-3--|
a E Q e E E E E E Q E E E E E +E E E|--------7--9-----------|------4-5----------------||-8s=9--(9)-------------|----------7--------------||---------------1-2-3-4-|-6--6-------6-(6)--5-----||-8s=9--(9)-------------|-4--4--------------4-----||-----------------------|-6--6--------------------||-0-(0)---------0-2-3-4-|----------4-------(4)-4s=| a +Q Q E E E E Q Q Q +E E
| C#mC7 Bm7 E9 A7 D9add6 |--3--| |--3---| |-3-| |-3-|
Q Q E a E E a E E a E E a Q Q Q E E E|-------------7-7h=9--7-----|-0------0---0--------||---------7h9---7-(7)---8p7-|------------0--0-----||-9--9--7-------7-(7)-------|---5s6-(6)--5--5-----||-9--8--7-------------------|---4s5-(5)-----------||---------------7-(7)-------|-0-----(0)--5--------||-9--8--7-------------------|-----------------7-5-| Q Q Q a +Q Q +Q Q E E E |-3-|
G#m7+5 G#m7 C#7G13 F#7 B9 |-3--| |--3---| |--3--| |-3--| |-3--| |3| |-3-|
E E E a E E E e E E e E E E E E Q Q E E E E|--------------7---9--11--------9-------|------0--------9-----------0-||---5--7--7s9-(9)-(9)-12--------9----5--|-2-2-(2)---------7b7.5-5-----||---4-(4)-------------11-------10----4--|-3-----------------------6---||---4-(4)-7s9-------------------9----3--|-2---------------------------||---------------------11----------------|-----------------------------||-4----------------------11-10----3-(3)-|-2-------4-5-6-7-------------|
Q a Q e E E E E +E Q E E E Q Q |--3--| |-3--| |-3-|
E7 E D#m7 G# |--3---| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |--3---| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-|
+E a E E E E E E E E E E E a E E a E E E E E E E E E E|-(0)-----0---0-----0-----0---|-------------4p2-0-2-------4---||-----2s3---3---3-2---2-1---1-|-------0-------------2-0-----4-||-----3s4---4---4-3---3-2---2-|-0h=1----2s4-------------5-----||-----------------------------|-------------------1-----------||-----------------------------|-------------------------------||--0--------------------------|-0-(0)-------------------4-----| W a +H Q Q
C#m7 D#m7 G#7 C#m7 C#m7adF#7suF#7 |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |3|
Q E E E Q E E E +Q E E E +Q E Q|------------------4---|------------------------||-2----2-5-7---------5-|-(5)-----2-5-(5)--------||-4--4-----6-----5-----|--4----4------4---3-----||----2-----------4-----|-------4------2---2-----||-4--4-----6-----------|--4----4------------2-3-||------------(5)-4-----|--------------2---2-----|
Q Q Q E Q E E Q Q E e e |3-| |-3-|
C#m7 D#m7 G# C#m7add4 F#7 F#13 |3| |-3-| |-3-| |3| |-3--| |-3-|
Q E E E E Q E e E E Q E E E a Q E e E|-------------------4---|---7-----4-7-4s6\--------||---2---5-6-7-----------|-------------3s5\----4---||-----4-----6-----------|------4------4s6\----3---||-----2-----------------|------4------2s4\----2---||-4---------6---------5-|-4---(4)---------------3-||-------------6-5-4-----|-------------------2-----|
Q Q E E E E E e Q Q a Q E E E |-3-| |-3-| |-3-|
C#m7 D#m7 G#7 C#m7 B9sus4A#7add11 C#7 |3| |-3-| |---3---| |-3-| |--3--| |--3--| |-3-|
Q E E E E E E E +E Q E E S S S S E E E E E E E|----------------------------4--|-7-----7s9-----11-------9-----||---2---5-6-7-------------------|-----5-------7-------11-----8-||-----4-----6-6---4-5---(5)-(5)-|---4-------9------13------6---||-----2----------------------4--|------------------------------||-4---------6-------------------|-4-------------13-------6-----||------------------------4------|---------7--------------------| Q Q S s s S Q Q Q Q Q
G#m7 C#7suC#7 F#m7 B7 |3| |-3-| |-3-| |3| |---3---| |3|
E Q E E E Q E E E e Q Q e E E Q E|-7-7---7----7-----4---|-5-----------------------------||-7---7---7--7---6---6-|-5-----------------7b7.5-7-5---||-4---4------4---4-----|-6---------------------------6-||-6---------(4)--------|-4----6-----7s=8---------------||------------4---------|-------------------------------||----------------------|---4-(4)-5-(5)s6-7-------------|
Q Q Q Q E E E E E E Q Q |-3--| |--3--|
E F#GmG#m7D#m11 G#7sG#7 |-3-| |3| |3| |3| |-3--|
a E Q e E E E E E Q E E S E E Q E E E|--------7--9-----------|---4---5p4-------------||-8s=9--(9)-------------|-----------7-------7---||---------------1-2-3-4-|-6---6-------6--5----5-||-8s=9--(9)-------------|-----4---------(4)-----||-----------------------|-6---------------------||-0-(0)---------0-2-3-4-|-----------4---(4)-----| a +Q Q E E E E Q Q Q Q
| C#mCm7Bm7 A#m7b5 Am7 |-3-| |----3----| |--3--|
Q Q e e e E E S S Q a E E E S a S T T T +T S S S S|---------9-7-------------|-0---------0-(0)---------------------------||-5--4--3-----7b7.5-7-5---|--------------0--5h7----7h8p7-(7)\-5-------||-4--3--2---------------6-|-6--(6)(6)-------5-------------------7-5---||-------------------------|-6---4h=6--------5-----------------------7-||-4--3--2-----------------|-------------------------------------------||-------------------------|-6-----(6)-------5-------------------------| Q Q Q Q Q +Q S E. Q
| E G#m7 C#13 F#7 B9 |---6---| |-3-| |-3--| |-3--| |3| |-3-|
Q E S S S S E S E E E E e E E Q Q E E E E|----------7-9-11-(11)------------9---|------0--------9-----------0-||----5-7s9-----11--12------------11---|---2-(2)---------7b7.5-5-----||-4------------11-(11)-----------10---|-------------------------6---||---------------------------------9---|---------6-7-8---------------||--------------11---------------------|-----------------------------||-0----------------------11-10-9----3-|-2-------4-5-6---------------|
H E S s s e E E Q e e e Q Q |--3--| |-3--| |-3-|
E7 E B9 |-3--| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |--3---| |---3---| |-3-|
+E E E E E E E E E E E E a E E a E Q E a E E a e e E|-(0)---0---0-----0-----0---|-------------4-----------0-2s3-2-0-||-----3---3---3-2---2-1---1-|-------0-----------0h=2------------||-----4---4---4-3---3-2---2-|-0h=1----2s4-------2-(2)---2s3-2-0-||---------------------------|-----------------------------------||---------------------------|---------------0-2-----------------||--0------------------------|-0-(0)-----------------------------| W a +Q Q e Q Q |3|
E7 D#m7add11 G#13b9 |-3-| |-3--| |-3--| |-3-| |3-| |-3--| |3-| |-3--|
a Q E Q E a E E E a E E E Q E E E E E Q E E E|---------------------------0-----4-0-|----4--(4)-5-4-5-(5)-----4---||-1s=3--(3)--3----2-------0-----------|-7-(7)--7---------6---6----4-||-2s=4--(4)--4----2-0h=1------2s4-----|-6-(6)--6---------5---5------||-------------------------------------|--------4---------4---4------||-------------------------------------|-6---------------------------||-0-(0)-----(0)-0---0-(0)-------------|---------------4-----(4)-----| a +Q +E Q a +H Q Q Q +Q |3-| |
C#m7add11 A#m7Bm7 E13 A A7 A#° |---3----| |--3---| |-3-| |-3-| |3|
S S S S Q a E E S S E E a E Q a E E E E E E E Q|-2--------------------------9-7-------|-0------0---3-0-2---0-----||---5-5p4-5------------7--10-7---8p=7--|----------7-2-----2-------||-4-------4-----5s6-7--------7---------|----5s6-----0-----0-------||---------2-----5s6-7------------7-(7)-|----4s5-------------------||-4-------4-4-3--------------7---------|-0----------1-----1---1p0-||---------------5s6-7-(7)--------------|--------------------------|
Q E E E a E E +E Q H Q Q S S |-3-| |-3--| |--3--|
G#m7+5 G#m7 C#7+9 |-3-| |--3---| |--3--| |-3-|
E E E a E E E e E E e Q|------------7---9--11--------12--------||---5-7-7s9-(9)-(9)-12-------(12)-------||---4---6s8---------11--------10--------||---4---7s9--------------------9--------||-------------------11------------11-10-||-4--------------------11-10------------|
Q a Q e E E E e e |--3--| |--3---|
F#m7add4 |--3---| |--3--| |----3----| |-3-|
E a E E a E E E S S E E E E E|--------9-14s16-12-----------------------||---9S10------------15-10tr11-8-----------||---8s=9------------------------9-7-------||---8s=9----------------------------9-8-7-||-9---------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------| Q Q Q Q
G#13b5G13 F#7 B7 |3| |-3-| |3| |-3--| |-3--| |---3---| |-3-|
E Q E E E Q E +E E E e E E Q e E E E E e|---------------5-(5)-4---|------0----------------------0-||---------6-----5-(5)-5---|---2-(2)---------7b7.5-7-5-----||---------5-----4-(4)-4---|-3-------------------------6---||-6-------4-----3--3------|-2-----------------------------||-----------5-------------|-----------0-1-2---------------||---7-5-4-----3---------3-|-2-------4---------------------|
E E E E E E Q E E E Q E E E Q Q |-3-| |-3-| |-3--| |-3-|
E7 |-------6-------|
a Q a T +T T T T +T S S S S a S S a S S S S|-10-(10)------------------------------------------------------||-10h=12---10h11--(11)-10-8-------10----8----------------------||---------------------------9-(9)----9-----9-4s6-4-------------||--------------------------------------------------5s=4----4---||--------------------------------------------------------0---4-||--0--(0)-----(0)----------------------(0)-----------(0)-------| a +Q +Q +Q +Q
D#m11D#7b9+G#7b9+5 |-3-| |3| |-3--|
Q E E E E Q E E E|----4-5-------7--4------||----7-7-------5-----7-6-||----6-6-------5---------||----4-5-------4---------||-6----------------------||--------7-5-4---(4)-----|
Q Q s s Q Q |--3--|
C#m7 Cm7 Bm7 E13 A7 D9 |-3-| |----3----| |---3----| |-3--| |---3---| |-3-|
Q E E E E E a E E a E E a E E E E E e E E E E E|------------2-5-7h=9--7---------|-0--------0------0-------------------||--5---4-2-3-----7-(7)----8p==7--|-----(0)-(0)-(0)-----5-7b7.5-7-5-----||-(4)--3---2-----7-(7)----7--(7)-|---5s=6-------6----6-5-----------5---||-------------------------7--(7)-|---4s=5-------5----------------------||--4---3---2-----7-(7)---(7)-(7)-|-0-----------(0)-----5---------------||--------------------------------|-----------------------------------5-|
Q E E Q a +Q a +E Q +Q Q Q E |----3----| |-3-|
G#m7+5 G#m7 C# G13 F#7 B9 |--3--| |--3---| |3-| |-3-| |-3--| |3-| |-3-| |--3--|
E E E a E E E E Q E E E e E E +E Q e E E E E e|--------------7---9--11--------9-----|------0--(0)-----9---------0-(0)---||----5--7-7s9-(9)-(9)-12--------9---5-|---2-(2)-------------7b7.5-------5-||----4----------------11-------10---4-|-3----------------------------6----||----4----7s9-(9)-(9)---------------3-|-2---------------------------------||---------------------11--------------|-----------------------------------||-4-(4)------------------11-10----3---|-2--------4--5-6-7-----------------|
Q Q E E E E Q Q E E E Q Q |--3--| |3| |-3--|
E7 D#m7 G# |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |--3---| |---3---| |-3-| |-3-|
E E E E E E E E E E E E a E E a E E E E E E E E E e|-----0---0-----0-----0---|--------------4p==2---0--------------||---3---3---3-2---2-1-----|-------0-----------------7-------4---||---4---4---4-3---3-2---2-|-0h=1----2s4-(4)-(4)-(4)---6-4s5---4-||-------------------------|-------------------------------------||-------------------------|-------------------------6-----------||-0-----------------------|-0-(0)-------------------------4-----| W a +H Q Q
C#m7 D#m7G#7 C#m7add4 F#7suF#7 |-3-| |--3--| |-3-|
e E e E E e E E E E +Q E E E Q Q|------------------4----|-----------------------||-2-----2-5-----------5-|-(5)-----2-5-(5)--(5)--||-4---4-----6---5-(5)---|--4----4------4----3---||-----2-----4---4-(4)---|--4----4------2----2---||-4---4-----6-----------|--4----4---------------||---------------4-------|--------------2----2---| e E Q e E Q e E Q Q Q
C#m7 D#m7G#7 C#m7 F#7 F#13 |-3-| |--3--| |-3--| |--3---| |--3--| |-3-|
E E E E E E Q E E E E E +E E E E a Q E e E|-----------------------4-----|-7-(7)-(7)----4--7-4s6\--------||-----2-(2)-5-(5)-7-----------|----5------5-(5)---3s5\----4---||-4------4----(4)-6---5---(5)-|----4------4-(4)---4s6\----3---||-2------2------------4-------|-------------------2s4\----2---||-4------4--------6-----------|-4---------4-(4)-------------3-||---------------------4-------|-------------------------2-----| Q Q E E Q Q Q a Q E E E |-3-|
C#m7 D#m7 G#m7 C#m7 B9sus4 A#7add11 C#7 |3| |-3-| |--3--|
Q E E E E Q E E E S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S S|----------------------4----|-7-----7s9-----9-11-------11-9-----9-||---2---5-6-7---------------|-----5-------7---------11--------8---||-----4-------6-3-4-5-(5)-5-|---4-------9--------13---------6-----||-----2----------------4----|-------------------------------------||-4---------6---------------|-4---------------13----------6-------||-------------------4-------|---------7---------------------------| Q Q S s s s Q Q Q Q Q
G#m7 G13 |-3--| |-3--| |---3----|
E E E E E E T T T T E E E E|--7----7-----7---12h13p12p10-12-(12)--10-----||--7-------7----7-10--------------------------||-----4----4------10--------------10--(10)-10-||-(6)-----(6)---------------------10----------||-----------------10--------------------------||---------------------------------------------| Q +Q Q Q
C13 F13 |---3---| |-3-|
T T T T E E E E T T T T E E Q|---------------------------10h11p10p(8)-10-(10)--8--||-10h11p10p8-10------8-------8-----------------------||--9-------------9--(9)-(9)--8----------------8--(8)-||--8------------(8)---------------------------8------||----------------------------8-----------------------||--8------------(8)----------------------------------| Q +Q Q Q
| B D#m11 G#7susG#7 PM |3| |--3---| |3-|
e S S S S S S X X X X S E s E E Q E E S S E Q E +e|-7-9-7-------------------------------|--------4-5-4----------------||-7-----7b8-7-5-----------------------|--------------7-(7)----------||-8-------------6---------------------|-----6-----------6---5--(5)/-||-----------------4s5s4s(3)s4-4---2---|-----4---------------4--(4)/-||-------------------------------4---4-|-6--(6)----------------------||-7-----------------------------------|--------------4-----(4)--4/--| e E Q Q Q Q +Q Q +E e
| C#mCm7Bm7 A#m7b5 Am13 |-3-| |----3-----| |--3---| |--3---| |-3--|
Q Q e e e E E S S Q a E E E E E E E E E|---------9-7---------------|-0---------0----------------------||-5--4--3-----7b7.5-7-5-----|----------------7--7---8---7--5---||-4--3--2---------------(6)-|----5s=6--(6)-6-5-(5)-(5)--5----5-||---------------------------|----5s=6--(6)---5---------(5)---5-||-4--3--2-------------------|----------------------------------||---------------------------|-6----(6)-------5---------(5)-----|
Q Q Q Q Q +Q Q +Q E |-3--|
G#m7+5 G#m7 C#7G13 F#7 B9 A7 |--3--| |--3---| |3-| |-3-| |-3--| |---3---| |--3--|
E E E a E E E e Q e E E e E E Q E E E E E E|--------------7---9--11--------9-----|------0--------9-----------------||----5--7-7s9-(9)-(9)-12--------9---5-|---2-(2)---------7b7.5-7----5--7-||-4-(4)---------------11-------10---4-|-3--------------------------6----||-4-(4)---7s9-(9)-(9)-----------9---3-|-2-------6-7-8--------------5----||---------------------11--------------|---------------------------------||-4-(4)------------------11-10----3---|-2-------4-5-6-----------5-(5)---|
Q Q e e e Q Q e e e Q Q |--3--| |-3-|
G#13 G#13 |-3-| |-3-| |-3--|
a E E E S S +E E E E +q E|--3s=4-----4-(4)-----(4)-----4-4-----(4)-----||--3s=4-6-6-6-(6)-----(6)-----6-6-----(6)-----||--4s=5---5-5p(4)-----(4)-----5-5-----(5)-----||-(3)s4---4-------------------4---------------||-----------------5h6-----6--------5h==6--6---||-----4-----4---------------4-----(4)-(4)---4-|
Q E a e E Q a e E E |------3------| |-3--|
C#7+9+5 G13 |3| |----3----| |--3--| |--3---|
E Q Q E +E E E E E E|---5---5---------5-(5)----5-------------||---5---5---------5-(5)-5-(5)--5---------||---4---4---------4-(4)-4-(4)-(4)--4-----||---3---3---------3-(3)-3-(3)-(3)-(3)-3\-||-4---4---3s4s(3)s4----------------------||--------------------3--------(3)--------|
Q E E a E a E Q +Q |-3-| |----3----|
A7 ~~~~~~ |-3--| |3| |--3--| |-3-| |3-| |--3---|
S S S E S S S S S S S E +E S E E E|--------------------------------------------||---------5---7b8---7---5---5-(5)---5-7b8====||-6---(6)---6-------------6-------6----------||-5------------------------------------------||--------------------------------------------||-5------------------------------------------| W
A#m7b5 |-3-| |3| |-3-| |3-|
S S S E S T T T S T S S +S T T S S T T T T T T S|-----------5h6p5-3-----5-3-(3)-------------------------||-------5-----------(4)---------5p3---------------------||-6---6---6-------------------------4-3-2p0-------------||-6-----------------------------------------2p0---------||-----------------------------------------------2p0-----||-6-------------------------------------------------3b4-| W
E D9 C#7+9 G13 |3| |3| |3-| |3-| |3-| |3-| |-3-| |3| |--3--| |3|
E S E S a E S E S S T S E S T T T S T S S Q Q E E E E Q|---------------10-9-12-15-12-14-12----5h6p5-3---5-3-|-------------------------||-----5---10s12---------------------15---------5-----|-5--5-----5-(5)-----5----||---6---6--------------------------------------------|-5--5-----4-(4)-4---4----||----------------------------------------------------|----4-----3-(3)-----3----||----------------------------------------------------|-5--5---5-4--------------||-0--------------------------------------------------|------5------4----3---0--|
W Q e e e Q Q E |-3-| |-3-|
F#7 G#m7 Am7 A#m7 B9 B11B7b9E7 |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-|
e E E E E E E E E Q E E E E E E E Q Q E|-------------------------|-9---7--------------(0)-||-------------------------|-------8---7-5-------3--||-3---3-4---4-5---x-6-(7)-|-----------6-6--(5)--4--||-2---2-4---4-5---5-6-----|-------------7---7------||-------------------------|------------------------||-2---2-4---4-5---5-6-----|-7---4-5---6-7---7---0--|
e E E E E E E E E Q E E E E E E Q Q E |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-| |-3-|
A9 D13 G13 F#7 |3-| |-3-| |3-| |3-| |3-| |3-| |3-| |3-|
+Q E Q E +Q E Q E +Q E Q E +Q E Q E|-(0)-------(0)-(0)-------0-|-(0)----------------------||-(3)----3---2--(2)----2--0-|-(0)----0--5-(5)----------||-(4)----4---4--(4)----4--5-|-(5)-5--------------4--3/-||-----6------5--(5)-5-----0-|-(0)---(0)-------3-----2/-||------------0--(0)---(0)---|--------------------------||-(0)---(0)-----------------|-----------3-(3)---(3)-2/-|
+Q +Q E +Q +Q E +Q +Q E +Q +Q E |-3-| |3-| |3-| | |3-|
H.=H B13 E7 |3| |--3--| |-3-| |3| |3| |3|
Q E E E E E E E E E +Q E Q E Q E Q|---------------------0-|-(0)----0---0---0-||-----7b8---7-5---5-----|------3---2---1---||---6---------6---6-----|------4---3---2---||-------------7---7-----|------------------||-----------------------|------------------||-------------7---7---0-|-(0)--------------| H E E E E E +W |-3-|
|3-| |-3-| |-3--| |-3--|
a E Q +Q E E E E E E E +W|------------------14------15------|-16-----*||---------0-(0)--------------------|--------*||--0h==1--------14------15------16-|--------*||----------------------------------|--------*||----------------------------------|--------*||-(0)-(0)--------------------------|-(0)----*| a +W W
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Duration Legend --------------- W - whole; H - half; Q - quarter; E - 8th; S - 16th; T - 32nd; X - 64th; a - acciaccatura + - note tied to previous; . - note dotted; .. - note double dotted Uncapitalized letters represent notes that are staccato (1/2 duration) Irregular groupings are notated above the duration line Duration letters will always appear directly above the note/fret number it represents the duration for. Duration letters with no fret number below them represent rests. Multi- bar rests are notated in the form Wxn, where n is the number of bars to rest for. Low melody durations appear below the staff Tablature Legend ---------------- h - hammer-on p - pull-off b - bend pb - pre-bend r - bend release (if no number after the r, then release immediately) /\ - slide into or out of (from/to "nowhere") s - legato slide S - shift slide - natural harmonic [n] - artificial harmonic n(n) - tapped harmonic ~ - vibrato tr - trill T - tap TP - trem. picking PM - palm muting \n/ - tremolo bar dip; n = amount to dip \n - tremolo bar down n/ - tremolo bar up /n\ - tremolo bar inverted dip = - hold bend; also acts as connecting device for hammers/pulls <> - volume swell (louder/softer) x - on rhythm slash represents muted slash o - on rhythm slash represents single note slash Misc Legend ----------- | - bar || - double bar ||o - repeat start o|| - repeat end *| - double bar (ending) : - bar (freetime) $ - Segno & - Coda Tempo markers - = BPM(8/16=s8/s16), where s8 = swing 8ths, s16 = swing 16ths -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ** Generated using Power Tab Editor by Brad Larsen: The Official Power Tab Web Site
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