Dntel - The Distance chords

Capo on 2, 4 or 6. Whichever works for your vocal range. I think the album is on 2 
but, I have to on 6.

Dwhen we sat in evenings
Acounting up the seconds
Dbetween the thunder and the lightning
Atrying to find the distance
Dthe space between what we feel
Aand what we see
Em Alike the distance coming between you and me
D A so don't be long
Em A don't be long
D A all we murder and confetti
A our science in the holy ghost
Em Athe space between is spreading and getting strong
Em Athe distance only grows so don't be long
That's about it. Repeat what's necessary. It's very easy and fun. Just gotta be able to sing at that pitch, lol.
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