Dobie Gray – The In Crowd chords

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The In Crowd chords
Dobie Gray 1965 (B. Page)

Capo II

G F7  2x

G FI'm in with the in crowd
G FI go where the in crowd goes
G FI'm in with the in crowd
GAnd I know what the in crowd knows
CAnytime of the year
Don't you hear
G(Having a ball)
GDressing fine, making time
B7We breeze up an down the street
E7We get respect from the people we meet
A7They make way day or night
D7 E7 FThey know the in crowd is out of sight
G FI'm in with the in crowd
G FI know every latest dance
G FWhen you're in with the in crowd
G FIt's easy to find romance
C(Get down)
CAt a spot where the beats really hot
G(Where we are bound)
GIf it's square, we ain't there
B7We make every minute count, yeah!
E7Our share is always the biggest amount
A7Other guys imitate us
D7 E7 FBut the originals still the greatest
Yeah! (Yeah!) G F7
GGot our own way a walking
G FWe got our own way of talking, yeah!
(short instrumental)
C(Gotta have fun)
CAnytime of the year, don't you hear
G(Gotta have fun)
GSpending cash, talking trash
B7Girl, I'll show you a real good time
E7Come on with me and leave your troubles behind
A7I don't care where you've been
D7You ain't been no where
E7 F'Till you've been in
G FWith the in crowd, yeah!
GOoh! the in crowd
F(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
G FWe got our own way a walkin', yeah!
(Yeah, yeah, yeah)
GOh, we got our own way a talkin'
In the in crowd. * Alternate: Open G = A F = G B7 = C7 F7 = G7 D7 = E7 E7 = F7 A7 = B7 C = D Set8
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