Doc Watson - Tom Dooley chords

				Tom Dooley         (Doc Watson version)

G C C G** Hang your head, Tom Dooley, Hang your head and cry;
D G C G** You killed poor Laurie Foster, And you know you're bound to die.
G C C GYou left her by the roadside Where you begged to be excused;
D G C G You left her by the roadside, Then you hid her clothes and shoes.
G C C GYou took her on the hillside For to make her your wife;
D G C GYou took her on the hillside, And there you took her life.
G C C GYou dug the grave four feet long And you dug it three feet deep;
D G C GYou rolled the cold clay over her And tromped it with your feet.
G C C G"Trouble, oh it's trouble A-rollin' through my breast;
D G C GAs long as I'm a-livin', boys, They ain't a-gonna let me rest.
G C C GI know they're gonna hang me, Tomorrow I'll be dead,
D G C GThough I never even harmed a hair On poor little Laurie's head."
G C C G"In this world and one more Then reckon where I'll be;
D G C GIf is wasn't for Sheriff Grayson, I'd be in Tennesee.
G C C GYou can take down my old violin And play it all you please.
D G C GFor at this time tomorrow, boys, It'll be of no use to me."
G C C G"At this time to-morrow Where do you reckon I'll be?
D G C GAway down yonder in the holler Hangin' on a white oak tree.
*(Chorus)* (enjoy this Doc Watson version) jrbmusic
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