Doiron Julie - Sorry Part 1 tab

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Date: Sat, 15 Apr 2000 17:37:38 -0400
From: "Jean-Francois Sauv?" 
Subject: d/doiron_julie/

Sorry pt.1
by Julie Doiron
From Loneliest in the Morning

Tabbed by Jean-Francois Sauv?

VerseE-0-0-0/2-2-2--0-0-0/2-2-2---3-3-3-------3---3---2---2--0-(start over)B-3-3-3/5-5-5--3-3-3/5-5-5--------2-2-2----2-------0----3--------G----------------------------------------------------------------D----------------------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------------------------E----------------------------------------------------------------
Play this for: I'm sorry but I can't tell you anything.... and I am not what I seem to be.....
Em Cadd9 G Dsus/F#E---0------0-0-0---------------3-----3-3-3--2------2-2-2-B---2------2-2-2--3-----3-3-3--2-----2-2-2--2------2-2-2-G---2------2-2-2--2-----2-2-2--0-----0-0-0--0------0-0-0-D---0------0-0-0--0-----0-0-0--0-----0-0-0--0------0-0-0-A---3------3-3-3--3-----3-3-3--3-----3-3-3--3------3-3-3-E---3------3-3-3--3-----3-3-3--3-----3-3-3--3------3-3-3-
Play this for the chorus Em I'm sorry Cadd9 G Dsus/F# I'm sorry, ....... Em forgive me Cadd9 forgive me Then just mess around with the G and the Dsus/F# chord The same pattern applies for the slide solo Send comments/complaints to
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