Kali Ma chords with lyrics by Dollar Signs - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dollar Signs – Kali Ma chords

G B11 C C7 x2

[Verse 1]
G B11 C C7We walked around the park at night cause I couldn't afford to take you someplace nice
G B11 C C7You wouldn't hold my hand, no I didn't understand, it was cold outside
G B11 C C7You looked up at the stars then into my eyes, then back down at your phone
G B11 C C7 G B11 C C7and that's when I knew that pretty soon we'd both be alone
G Bm Em CLet's not do this tonight
G Bm Em CLet's not do this tonight
G Bm Em C G Bm Em CLet's just go grab a beer or two I'm sure everything will be fine
[Verse 2]
G B11 C C7Sorry you're a really nice guy but we're just leading two different lives
G B11 C C7I love that you stuck to the same values you had back in high school
G B11 C C7But I need a man who's a little more motivated than you
G B11 C C7And I hope we can still be friends as long as I never have to see your penis again
G Bm Em CWe should see other people tonight
G Bm Em CWe should see other people tonight
G BmThere's just more fish in the sea
Em C G Bm Em CI'm sure that you will be fine
[Verse 3]
G B11No! What kind of stupid reason is that
C C7I bet there's another guy oh whose got you on your back
G B11Okay I'm not fucking perfect
C C7But you never gave me a chance for improvement
G B11And I know that you were drunk that time you said you loved me
C C7But doesn't that count for something something something something
G Bm Em CWhy are you quitting on me tonight
G Bm Em CI swear if there's someone else I'll slash their tires
G Bm Em C G Bm Em CAnd then you'll see I was meant to be in your life
[Verse 4]
G B11 C C7You wouldn't return my texts and you were pretty bad at sex
G B11 C C7And you got drunk the first time I introduced you to my parents
G B11 C C7You're boring and not a nice guy
G B11You're passive aggressive
C C7 G B11 C C7And you have to be the center of attention all the time
GWell your friends suck
BmYou drink too much
Em CYou quit all things when they get tough
G BmYou always smell like cigarettes
Em CI told you I was gonna quit
GYou're full of shit
BmYou're full of shit
Em C G Bm Em CYou're full of shi~iit
G Bm Em CHome lemme go home home is when I'm away from you
G Bm Em CHome, I don't wanna go home and just be alone in my room
G BmHome lemme go home
Em CHome is me and my friends shit talking you!
[End] G
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