Rosewood Casket chords with lyrics by Dolly Parton - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Dolly Parton – Rosewood Casket chords


G D7 GThere's a little rosewood casket
G D7 GResting on a marble stand
G C GWith a packet of old love letters
D7 GWritten by my true love's hand
G D7 GGo and bring them to me, sister
G D7 GRead them o'er for me tonight
G C G I have often tried by could not
D7 GFor the tears that filled my eyes
D7 GWhen I'm dead and in my casket
D7 GWhen I gently fall asleep
G C GFall asleep to wake in heaven
D7 GDearest sister do not weep
D7 G D7 GTake his letters and his locket
G D7 GPlace them gently on my heart
G C G But this golden ring that he gave me
D7 GFrom my finger never part
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