Dom - Living In America chords

Intro/main theme:

F C Ame|-----0----------0----------0------------------0----------------------------|B|-1------1-3--------1-3--------1-3-1-------1-3---3-1------------------------|G|------------0----------0------------2-0-2----------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|
Am Em DmFun loving creatures living fast eating gritty
Am Em Dm Babes on the beaches baby Gs in the city
Am Em DmAmerican mummies teach the world to be pretty
Am Em DmHunnies going shopping all the bums getting shitty
Come sing with me
F C It's so sexy
Amto be living in America
F C It's so sexy
Ambaby we're living in America
Land of the free you can do what you wanna Ski in the winter ride your bike in the summer Forget all the haters USA is for lovers Put your hands in the air all my sisters and my brothers Forget about the others It's so sexy to be living in America It's so sexy baby we're living in America
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