Dominic Balli – Again And Again chords

Hello people, this is my first time posting. I just now worked the chords out for 
this song and I wanted to share it :) It's mostly right. If I have something wrong 
feel free to let me know. Thanks and Enjoy.

B F# G AI suddenly found myself drifting far from the shore
B F# G AI was carried away much further than I'd ever gone before
G I thought I needed something better
DMy heart started beating
AFor empty pleasure
B A GBut all I needed was you
DNow it's only you
AYou're all that I want
G D A B(‘Cuz) I have found in you my treasure true no other love will do
A G D A BSo I----I will give my all and keep on falling in love with you
A G D A B A, G, AAgain and again again and again over and over again
All of the glamour n' glitz arrayed like alluring lights They'd shine all day long but left me longing and alone inside I thought I needed something better My heart started beating For empty pleasure But all I needed was you Now it's only you You're all that I want Chorus The chords for the Step up are A, E, B, C#, B God Bless!
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