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Dominique A – Hear No More tab

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Date: Wed, 18 Oct 1995 12:59:28 +0100 (MET)
From: Gerald Audenis 
Subject: TAB :  by 

Dominique A   "Hear no more, Dear no more"
extrait de l'album "La memoire neuve"
from :   geralda@mech.kth.se

La, il va vous falloir votre plus belle voix presleyienne.
Je ne suis pas sur du second refrain et du dernier couplet... 
D'autre part, certains sont sans doute interesses par la creation d'une 
mailing list concernant  Dominique A, Katerine, Miossec, Chelsea, Autour 
de Lucie, Carmine. J'attends leurs E-mail avec impatience...

A bientot

Schema (1):

Schema (2): -----------
Schema (2+): ------------ Utilise en place de (2) dans les autres couplets
Schema (R) pour Refrain: ------------------------
e:---0-----0-----0---------|-5-3-B:---0-----0-----0---------|-5-3-G:-----------------------4-|-6-4-D:-------------2---------5-|-7-5- <= eventuellement ces 2 accordsA:-3---------3-----------5-|-7-5-E:-----0-3---------0-3-3---|-5-3-
Accords utilises dans cette chanson: ------------------------------------
A6 E F C6/E C6/G G? A Ge:--2--0--1--0----0-------5--3-B:--2--0--1--0----0-------5--3-G:--2--1--2--0----0----4--6--4-D:--2--2--3--2----2----5--7--5-A:--0--2--3--3----3----5--7--5-E:-----0--1--0----3-------5--3-
Paroles: -------- intro : 2*(1) (1) (1) I feel something for you (2) (1) You feel nothing for me (1) (1) This word (love) can't be true (2) (1) This word (love) is not for me (R) I know some words I could repeat to you You say O.K. but you don't hear no more Dear no more Maybe you run away Look at your love today You will keep it for you (Aaaaaaah) This word (love) isn't true I know some words I could repeat to you You f????? them for? and you don't hear no more Dear no more I feel lonesome tonight Maybe because of you My knees are on the ground My feet became a clue
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