Don Mclean – Respectable chords

Don McLean
Respectable                transcribed by Alex Ceserani

Em G C D Ah, it aint so easy is it? you almost lost your place.
G Am C DAnd perhaps youre wondering how youre going to cope with your disgrace.
G Am C DWell your wealth is well established and your friends were never few,
(hold D) GAnd all the things they told you of youre finding to be true.
Am C DWell if truth can free the guilty while the innocent must die,
G (Am) C D GThen I respect, respect, respect the coldest lie.
Em G C D And you talk of human justice while you drive on fancy wheels.
G Am C DAnd you push them to their limit just to see how nice it feels.
G Am C DWell it doesnt really matter if shes living or shes dead,
(hold D) GYou just drive away forgetting that your bumpers dipped in red.
Am C DWell if thats the kind of justice that our hall of justice claims,
G (Am) C D GThen I respect, respect, respect old jesse james.
Em G C D And most cordially they caught you and they asked you to obey.
G Am C DAnd they threw you into prison, just in case you could not pay.
G Am C DWell King Arthur jousted Lancelot, who stole away his wife;
(hold D) GAnd your lawyers jousted with the court to save your precious life.
Am C DWell if living is what matters though you lie with every breath,
G (Am) C D GThen I respect, respect, the ones we put to death.
Em G C D And you won your case most easily and soon you will be free.
G Am C DBut there will be a million more who lose their liberty.
G Am C DNot because of what they did, but what they did not do:
(hold D) GThey did not pay a lawyer or a judge to see them through.
Am C DWhy, they had no friends to call on and they could not raise their bail.
G (Am) C D GWell if winning is what matters, I respect the ones who fail.
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