Don Mclean – Winter Has Me tab

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From: "Ronald Staats" 
Date:          Tue, 21 Nov 1995 15:57:55 MET-1
Subject:       crd:winter has me in it's grip - don mclean

 I only know this song  from the SOLO-album. But it comes from the album
Homeless (1974).
 The song starts with flageolets on
  the twelfth and seventh fret. I'd guess the song is easy to play
  when you heard it on the record. The musical intermezzo are
  just the chords in the refrain until the Em. But i guess you'll
  find that out. Just before he plays Winter has me etc. there's a
  little solo which is played this way:
----------------3---3---2------| ---------------0-0-0---3-------| -------0------0---0---2--------| --0-0h2------------------------| ---------------------2---------| -----------3-------------------| winter has me etc.
In fact i have to admit this song is worked out by an old schoolfriend: henny fonville. I haven't seen him for more than 10 years, but maybe some day he finds his way to OLGA too. Well good luck playing it, ronald staats Winter has me in it's grip - Don Mclean G D(B-bass) Winter has me in it's grip Am D7 think i'll take a summer trip Am D7 on a sunny sailing ship Em D7 where the shells lie in the sand musical intermezzo G D(B-bass) I feel so lonely Am D7 I'm to young to feel this old G D(B-bass) I need you and you only Am D7 when the weather gets this cold Winter has me in it's etc. There's no use in going cause it's cold inside my heart and it's always snowing since the day we broke apart Winter has me in it's etc. I tried to run from winter like this spring and summer run to fall But when the weather 's in you ther's no hiding place at all, thats why Winter has me in it's grip etc.
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