All The Heavens chords with lyrics by Don Moen - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Don Moen – All The Heavens chords


 F/A - C/G (2x)

C G/B F/A CHoly, holy are you Lord
F C Dm-C-G/BThe whole earth is filled with your glo ry
C G/B F/A GLet the nation rise to give
F C/G EHonour and praise to your name
Am D G D/F#m EmLet your face shine on us
F Dm7 GAnd the world will know You live
C G/B F All the heavens shout your praise
Dm7 GBeautiful is our God
Em AmThe universe will sing
F G F (F-G) if VERSEHallelujah to you are King
F G F G (C pause)Hallelujah to you are King (x3)
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