Don Moen – For All Youve Done chords

E Esus4My Saviour,Redeemer,
E Esus4Lifted me from the miry clay,
E Esus4Almighty, Forever,
E Esus4 I will never be the same,
C#mCause You cam near,
AFrom the everlasting,
ETo the world we live,
BThe Father's only Son
E B/D#You lived,and You died
A BYou rose agin on high
E B/D#You've opened the way,
A BFor the world to live again,
A B E (C#m when going to interlude)Hallelujah,For all You've done
Interlude: (C#m) | A | E | B x2 Ending:
C#m B A BHallelujah,For all You've done
(keep repeatingf
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