Don Moen – Unending Love chords

Instr:  Bm  G  D

Verse 1:
Bm GThere's no silver or gold and no treasure untold
DThat can draw me away from Your heart
Bm G DNeither love of myself or of anyone else will do
A Bm G A Bm GJesus, nothing compares to this grace that rescued me
A Bm G A Bm GSaviour, now and forever, Your face is all I seek
D A BmNow all I am, I lay at Your feet
GI'm humbled by the wonder of Your majesty
D A Bm One thing I know, I find all I need
G Bm (D)In Your unending love, in Your unending love
Verse 2: Letting go all my pride, I lay down my desires Just to worship in Spirit and Truth More than all of my dreams, more than fame, I will seek You Lord
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