Donkeyboy – Sometimes chords

			    SOMETIMES - Donkeyboy
Tab: Mats Budalen

Tuning: Standard

Verse 1:

Asus2 C#m7 Asus2 C#m7Nationwide, hear me people here I come
Asus2 C#m7 Asus2 C#m7Step aside, broken folks say what you want
C#m7But sometimes
Asus2 E BI need somebody who can make me feel alright
F#m Asus2Who shakes me from the streetlight
E BI'm breaking up, I need someone who needs somebody now
Verse 2:
Asus2 C#m7 Asus2 C#m7People change, change because of who I am
Asus2 C#m7 Asus2 C#m7If you don't, then you and I won't get along
Chorus x2 Bridge:
Asus2 C#m7All these thoughts run through my head
C#m7 - Asus2 - E - B Chorus x4
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