Funky Town tab with lyrics by Donna Summers - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Donna Summers – Funky Town tab

Hi i'm Hugo and this is my first tab and i'm 13 years old so please rate my
tab ;) if u dont your an asswipe

this song is easy (thats why i chose it) RIFF 1 e|-----------------------------------| B|-------------------------10--9-----| G|----9--9--7--9--------9---------9--| D|----------------7--7---------------| A|-----------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------|
RIFF 2 e|-----------------------------------| B|-----------------------------------| G|-------------------------10--9-----| D|----9--9--7--9--------9------------| A|----------------7--7---------------| E|-----------------------------------|
RIFF3 THIS CHORD HERE I DONT KNOW BUT ITS SHAPED LIKE A D CHORD e|--------------3--------------------| B|-----------------4-----------------| G|--------------3--------------------| D|-----------------------------------| A|-----------------------------------| E|-----------------------------------|
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