Donovan – Try For The Sun tab

Donovan - Try For The Sun

Transcribed by Matthew Choat

This is a very fun, and easy song. I enjoy playing this one with a harmonica at the end.

Capo 2nd fret (key of A)

G               C     D
We stood in the windy city,
C         D      G
The gypsy boy and I.
G               C             D
We slept on the breeze in the midnight
C                       D             G
With the rain droppin', tears in our eyes.
C                  D       G
And who's going to be the one
C                 D           G
To say it was no good what we done?
C               D           G     (Em) <--optional chord
I dare a man to say I'm too young,
C                 D          G
For I'm going to try for the sun.

Verse 2: (same chords as V1)

We huddled in a derelict building
And when he thought I was asleep
He laid his poor coat round my shoulder,
And shivered there beside me in a heap.
::Repeat chorus::

Verse 3:

We sang and cracked the sky with laughter,
Our breath turned to mist in the cold.
Our years put together count to thirty,
But our eyes told the dawn we were old.
::Repeat chorus::

Verse 4:

Mirror, mirror, hanging in the sky,
Won't you look down what's happening here below?
I stand here singing to the flowers,
So very few people really know.
::Repeat chorus::

::Repeat verse 1::

::Repeat Chorus::

That’s about all there is to it! If you want to play it the way Donovan does, try
a harmonic after each G on the chorus. As for that optional Em chord in the chorus, Donovan
it in the album version but doesn't play it live, but I prefer to play it because it 
better ;) And as with almost any Donovan song, hammer-on’s are your friend! If you would
any other Donovan tabs that I haven’t posted yet e-mail me at
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