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  >>>   TINY UGLY WORLD - ( Alice Donut )   <<<

  Intro :  ( Play 3 times )          G* sequense :

e :--3--3-3-3--s--5-5-5--: e :-3--3-3----------: B :--3--3-3-3--s--5-5-5--: B :-0--0-0----------: G :--0--0-0-0-----4-4-4--: G :-0--0-0----------: D :--0--0-0-------4-4-4--: D :-0--0---0-0-0-0--: A :--2--2-2--------------: A :-2--2---2-0-2-0--: E :--3--3-3--------------: E :-3--3---3-3-3-3--:
D Am Spotlight gleam across the starsearch nation Em C G* A million cries of me drown out the cruel frustration of a normal life, C G* C Em it's a different kind of thinking. A whole new way of telling lies C < Intro 1 time > 'till they're true, when you're waiting for the light. And we're all waiting for the same light these days A job well done is never enough without a front page fotograph Death comes quickly to the poor and obscure Booby prizes for the poor and unsure, when you standing in the light. 40 channels of a daydream stimulation Help me to forget myself and raise my expectations of a better life I am ready to be special now get what i deserve and shine for an hour, standing in the light. CHORUS : Am C G And it would help if you could die ( In this tiny... ) Am C G D Am Something fast and tragic at an early age C G Guilty soon as you try (it) ( In this tiny.... ) Am C G D Am Get a sense of history, put yourself on the page C G It's an ugly sight ( In this tiny.... ) Am C < Intro 1 time > When everybody's on the stage. She's got the face to lauch a thousend supersonic jets A waitress in another life, how easy she forgets Looks back with a sigh at simpler days She's not ungrateful, just caught up in the chase, still waiting for the light CHORUS.. G in chorus : < 3 2 0 0 3 3 > Transcribed by
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