Spanish Caravan tab with lyrics by Doors - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Doors – Spanish Caravan tab

i wanted to play this song but couldn't find a tab with the right sounding intro so i
tabbed my own. robby krieger(the guitarist for the doors) played flamenco so i highly
doubt that he strumed the chords rather than finger picked
(also known as arpeggio) but you do have to do this really fast and if you dont know
how to let me explain, there are two ways
1) the high "e" string is played by only the ring finger
the "B" string is played by only the middle finger
the "G" string is played by only the index finger
and the thumb plays the low "E" string, the "A" string and the "D" string


2) the pinky plays the high "E" string
the ring finger plays the "B" string
the middle finger plays the "G" string
the index finger plays the "D" string
and the thumb plays the "A" and the low "E" strings

if you arent used to using your pinky you should use the first style. but
any way here we go(oh and standard tunings)

if you want the rest of the song you should check the other spanish caravan guitar tab the rest is pretty accurate.
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