Dope – Intervention tab

Intervention by Dope
Guitarist: Tripp Eisen & Edsel Dope
Album: Felons And Revolutionaries
Dif.: 7
Tabbed by Twiggy5

NOTE: Tune to Drop D (D A D G B E)

Intro 1D|-0-3-0-0-3-5-6-10--|-%-|A|-0-3-0-0-3-5-6-10--|-%-|D|-0-3-0-0-3-5-6-10--|-%-|
Intro 2D|-0-3-0-3-0-3-5-6--|A|-0-3-0-3-0-3-5-6--|D|-0-3-0-3-0-3-5-6--|
Verse ("You’d like to take…")D|-0-3-0-3-0---|A|-0-3-0-3-0---|D|-0-3-0-3-0---|
Chorus ("Somebody showed me…")D|--3-------------5----------------6-5--|A|--3-------------5----------------6-5--|D|--3-------------5----------------6-5--|
Bridge/Verse 3 (Gtr. 1)D|-0-3-0-3-0-----------|A|-0-3-0-3-0-----------|D|-0-3-0-3-0-----------|
Bridge/Verse 3 (Gtr. 2) (clean)D|--------------XXXX--|A|--------------XXXX--|D|--------------XXXX--|
Solo - I have no idea and I hate solos Song Structure: - Intro 1 Intro 2 Verse Intro 2 Verse ("Yeah man I’m doing..") Intro 2 Chorus Intro 2 Chorus ("My mother warned me…") Intro 2 Bridge (Gtr. 1)/Bridge (Gtr. 2) Verse (Gtr. 1)/Verse (Gtr. 2) Intro 2 Bridge (Gtr. 1)/Bridge (Gtr. 2) Verse (Gtr. 1)/Verse (Gtr. 2) Intro 2 Verse (Gtr. 1)/Verse (Gtr. 2) Intro 2 Chorus Intro 2 Chorus Verse (w/o lyrics) Intro 2 (Gtr. 1)/Solo (Gtr. 2) Chorus Intro 2 (Gtr. 1)/Solo (Gtr. 2) Chorus (Gtr. 1)/Solo (Gtr. 2) Intro 2 (Gtr. 1)/Solo (Gtr. 2) Verse (w/o lyrics) There ya go. I know it’s not complete but it’s okay. The solo isn’t that important, okay maybe it is but it’s really hard to hear Tripp’s guitar when he’s playing a solo. It’s just fucked up. Also Tripp plays it really fast and that’s just a bitch to tab out. Alright. I’m glad we agree on something. If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions email me at
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