Dope – Dream tab

Dope's Dream

I used drop B since I have my floyd in that tuning, but it can be played in drop D 
though I
think it sounds more accurate in B w/ the palm mutes on the intro/chorus. You can figure 
the timing,
it's pretty simple, but I tried to get it as close to it as you can in text, haha.

Intro/ChorusC#------------------------------|G#------------------------------|E ------------------------------|B ------------------------------|F#-0-0--7--8--7--3---5----------|B -0-0--7--8--7--3---5---7/13/7-|PM . .
Pre Chorus (Or so I play it, not sure what the original is but I'll add itlater when it's not 3am haha.)C#------------------------------|G#------------------------------|E ------------------------------|B -14------13-------------------|F#-----12------12--8/10---------|B ------------------------------| (Do the 8/10 slide first time only)
VerseC#--------------------------------------------|G#--------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------|F#--------------------------------------------|B -/13-7--7--5-5--7-5--/13-7--7--5-5--3-5-----|PM . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
Also, during the verse another guitar will play what seems to beC#--------------------------------------------|G#--------------------------------------------|E --------------------------------------------|B --------------------------------------------|F#-/13br--------------------------------5/13--|B -/13br--------------------------------5/13--|
BridgeC#------------------------------|G#------------------------------|E ------------------------------|B ------------------------------|F#------------------------------|B -7/13--7-5-7--7/13--7-3-5-----|
Anyways, this is what I got from the song and this is also my first tab, so tell me what think, or if you want me to do another song toss me an email at, or just me a message here on ultimateguitar. Don't steal credit, ask if you wanna put it somewhere.
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