Doro Pesch - Let Love Rain On Me tab

Doro - Let Love Rain on Me
Album: Classic Diamonds (2004)
Transcribed by Jon Malmin (
Tuning: Standard E

This is a really easy song to play for your boyfriend (okay,
girlfriend might work too, might sound slightly gay, but hey,
whatever floats your boat ;D)

          Am          Em
Please forgive me for calling 
        Am              G
In the deepest dead of night 
       Bb               C
But I found a million ways that 
I could try to make things right 
  Em                 D
I want to bring you magic 
    Em                 Bm
And sprinkle you with rain
     C                  Am 
And give you more than reasons
To take me back again
         Am      D
Let love rain on me
Am              D 
Like it did before 
          Am     Em
Let love rain on me
         C           Am 
I canít take it anymore
Drown me in a sea
D                  G 
Let love rain on me
       Am                     Em
I had walked through miles of desert
    Am                       G
And drenched them with my tears 
         Bb               C
In these days Iíve been away from you
Iíve aged a 100 years
    Em                   D
So please donít keep me waiting 
        Em              Bm
Wishing on the stars above 
      C                 Am
Just give me your forgiveness 
I'll return it with my love


Solo (Same chords as the chorus)

(Chorus x2)

C                  G       C
Let love rain on me
D                  G
Let love rain on me
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