Pounding Live tab with lyrics by Doves - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Doves – Pounding Live tab

I've been watching a couple of live performances of this one and it
generally seems to be played up around the 9th, as below.

Anyways, no need to tab the whole thing, others have already done that and
the progression is the same, but chord-wise....

Intro/Verse            The G for the chorus is..

Cmaj Em Fmaj Cmaj GE---9---8---9---9-- --11--|B---9---9--11---9-- --13--|G--10--10--11--10-- --13--|D--11--10--11--11-- --13--|A--11---8---9--11-- --11--|E---9---8---9---9-- --11--|
It sounds like there's some other high note in harmony over the intro, but it's probably just the top E being pronounced by his effects box or strumming. Anyway, if there's two of you the below sounds good over the intro for added texture.
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