Doves - Sea Song tab version 1

Hello. Iím sure there are mistakes in this tab, but I tried hard and
I reckon itís mostly right. Eat lentils and enjoy.

Stock standard tuning


E -------0-----------0-----0-----------0-------------0-----0---------B -----7---7-------7---7-----6-------6---6-------6-----1-----1-------G ---7-------7---7-------7-----7---7-------7---7---------2-----2-----D -9-----------9-----------------8-----------8-----3-------------3---A -------------------------------------------------------------------E -------------------------------------------------------------------
E -----0---------------------B ---1------8----6-----------G -2------------------9----7- repeatD ---------------------------A ---------------------------E ---------------------------
E -------5-----------5-----B ---6-5---5-6---6-5---6-5-G -7-----------7-----------D -------------------------A -------------------------E -------------------------
E -------5-----------5-----B ---6-5---5-6---6-5---6-5-G -------------------------D -5-----------5-----------A -------------------------E -------------------------
E -------5-----------5-----B ---6-5---5-6---6-5---6-5-G -------------------------D -8-----------8-----------A -------------------------E -------------------------
E -------5-----------------B ---6-5---5-6---5-6-8-6-5-G -5-----------6-----------D -------------------------A -------------------------E -------------------------
This bit should be mostly correct. This song is made up more or less of the previous two parts. As well, a second guitar appears to be strumming the following chords: Verse:
e --0---0---0---0---B --7---6---1---8---G --7---7---2---9---D --9---8---3---10-- repeat these through verse. A --9---8---3---10--E --x---x---x---x---
Chorus chords are basic bar chords in the following orderÖ Dm / Gm / A# / C / C#m. (repeat) Hope you like! Go crows
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