Doves – Ny tab

			     N.Y.- Doves
Tabbed by:Cristof Jones
Album:The Last Broardcast


Chord's you'll need:

E Emaj7 D F# Ae|--0----0-----2----2----0--------------------|B|--0----0-----3----2----2--------------------|G|--1----1-----2----3----2--------------------|D|--2----1-----0----4----2--------------------|A|--2----2----------4----0--------------------|E|--0----0----------2-------------------------|
Where they come in: Intro: D E verse 1: this sorta patern - u can work out changes and strumming fdor yourselves - its not that hard |E | Emaj7| E throwing rocks and paving stones Emaj7 So lets go while we can E Put your finger on the map Emaj7 Who cares where it lands F# A E Emaj7 Cause we're all better off in New York verse 2: its exactly the same patterns as verse 1 - again im gunna let u work out strumming n timing for yourself: E On the road and out of town Emaj7 We're moving on again E Everything they say is true Emaj7 This city is insane E Every possibility Emaj7 Nothing's left to chance E They're throwing rocks and pavings stones Emaj7 Who says it has to last? Chorus starst here: F# On the run A E Emaj7 Till we're caught in New York F# A Cause we're all better dead E Emaj7 Than be caught Then theres a strings solo which is pretty much the same patterns as the verses n chorus this is all you need realy - its pretty much repeated throughout the song (i think) if not - and someone else works it out, feel free to email me but until then - Enjoy !!!
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