Doves – Winter Hill tab

The other version wasn't 100% accurate - this is closer, particularly the verse.

It's hard to pick out every single riff - theres lots of different loops constantly 
in and lots of delay. I think this is a pretty good guide though.

Chords used:
Em: 022000
D5: 00023x
Am: 002210
C:  032010
C2: 054030

Intro riff one(with plenty of delay):

Intro riff two/Verse When the second guitar comes in over the top - if your delay has a loop function, loop the above riff and play this over the top. This progression is also used in the verses, every now and again riff one is thrown in over the top.
Chorus The chord progression is : Em - D5 - Am - C - C2(don't know the name of this chord! But its definitely right. It's by sliding from the C to the C2) There is a riff that keeps getting used over the top of the chorus,couldn't figure it and got frustrated so if someone works it out let me know and I'll add it in!
Solo (with delay)e------------------------|b------------------------|g-0-0-2-2b4b2r0--0-0-----|d------------------------|a------------------------|e------------------------|
Note - the 5's above can be played as open g's obviously, but Jez plays it with vibrato, which is difficult to do on an open string :) Outro I'm not going to tab it out - essentially muck around with the same chords as intro riff two - obviously not the same pattern but the chords are the same. You can it out, its not that difficult and shouldn't be played to a strict pattern anyway. Hope this helps!
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