Down By Law – Tattoo tab

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Song: Flower Tattoo
Artist: Down By Law
Album: PunkRockAcadamyFightSong
Transcribed by: wHeELz (

This song is really simple, only 2 differnt parts.

Part 1

Part 2 ------
(with part 1) do you wanna, go for a walk? you can hold my hand, we can laugh and talk, you can lead the way, which way ya wanna go? tell me all the things, I really wanna know. (with part 2) hair is gold and her eyes are blue, i'm in love with the gilr with the flower tattoo. (part 1) with a t-shirt, sneakers and faded blue jeans, a pocket in the back, ripped at the seams, she really doesn't care, what they hear and see, what they think about her, what they think about me. (part 2) hair is gold and her eyes are blue, i'm in love with the girl with the flower tattoo and if i wrote the perfect song, you know i'd name it after you. If anyone knows Sympathy for the World, would you please tab it out? send all comments to
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