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Down From Up – The Last Time chords

I knew I had to play this song the first time I heard it but there was no tab so I 
tabbed it out.. It's not 100% perfect (I didn't tab the solo guitar out) but it's 
good for one guitar to play through.

Standard Tuning, No Capo


Em Am And I can't take anymore
C DI can't take anymore
Em AmI won't break again
C DAnd i won't care, care about where you've been
Em I see the names in your eyes
Am C CBut one day you'll realize, and regret the memory
[Post-Chorus Riff] That you only loved me, when you were lonely Post-Chorus Riff - "That you only loved me..."
e|-------------------------0------2--|b|--------------------------------3--|g|-------0--------0---------------2--|d|----2--------2--------2---------0--|a|-3--------2--------0---------------|e|-----------------------------------| You only loved me (strum down once, let ring)
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