Downhere - How Many Kings tab version 1

I think this version is more accurate than the previous ones. I pulled it from the live 
performance of the song at: Some of the 
names may be wrong, but the fingering is correct, I believe. See the chord diagrams.

It's a beautiful song. Enjoy!

CAPO IV (note all chords and diagrams assume CAPO IV is nut)

Verse 1:
G2                    G2addC    G2
Follow the star to a place unexpected
Em7                     EmaddC        Em7
Would you believe after all we’ve projected
A child in a manger
G2                   G2addC     G2
Lowly and small, the weakest of all
   Em7            Em7addC        Em7      Am7
Unlikeliest hero, wrapped in his mother's shawl
Just a child
Am7                      Dsus   D   D2   D
Is this who we’ve waited for?

G2                      G2addC           G2
How many kings, stepped down from their thrones?
Em7                  Em7addC        Em7
How many lords have abandoned their homes?
Am7                                        Dsus D
How many greats have become the least for me?
G2                  G2addC          G2
How many Gods have poured out their hearts
   Em7                      Em7addC   Em7
To romance a world that has torn all apart?
Am7                                     Dsus  D  D2   D
How many fathers gave up their sons for me?

Verse 2:
G2                         G2addC  G2
Bringing our gifts for the newborn savior
Em7                      EmaddC    Em7
All that we have whether costly or meek
Because we believe
G2                     G2addC       G2      Em7
Gold for his honor and frankincense for his pleasure
Em7               EmaddC      Em7
And myrrh for the cross he’ll suffer
Am7                                      Dsus  D  D2   D
Do you believe, is this who we’ve waited for?
(It’s who we’ve waited for)

                      Fmaj7    Am7
only one did that for me
              D2    D9
Ahhh, all for me, yeah
Am7      D2   D9
Oooohh, Ohhhhhh
Am7                 D2   D9
All for me, All for you
(repeat 4x)


e ---|---|-x-|---|---|B -o-|---|---|---|---|G -o-|---|---|---|---|D -o-|---|---|---|---|A -o-|---|---|---|---|E ---|---|-x-|---|---| G2
e ---|---|-x-|---|---|B -x-|---|---|---|---|G -o-|---|---|---|---|D -o-|---|---|---|---|A -o-|---|---|---|---|E ---|---|-x-|---|---| G2addC
e -o-|---|---|---|---|B -o-|---|---|---|---|G -o-|---|---|---|---|D -o-|---|---|---|---|A -o-|-x-|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---| Em7
e -o-|---|---|---|---|B -x-|---|---|---|---|G -o-|---|---|---|---|D -o-|---|---|---|---|A -o-|-x-|---|---|---|E ---|---|---|---|---| Em7addC
e -0-|---|---|---|---|B -x-|---|---|---|---|G -o-|---|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A -o-|---|---|---|---|E -o-|---|---|---|---| Am7
e -0-|---|---|---|---|B -x-|---|---|---|---|G -o-|---|---|---|---|D ---|-x-|---|---|---|A ---|---|-x-|---|---|E -o-|---|---|---|---| C
e -0-|---|---|---|---|B -x-|---|---|---|---|G ---|-x-|---|---|---|D -o-|---|---|---|---|A -o-|---|---|---|---|E -o-|---|---|---|---| D9
e -0-|---|---|---|---|B ---|---|-x-|---|---|G ---|-x-|---|---|---|D -o-|---|---|---|---|A -o-|---|---|---|---|E -o-|---|---|---|---| D2
e -0-|---|---|---|---|B -x-|---|---|---|---|G ---|-x-|---|---|---|D ---|---|-x-|---|---|A -o-|---|---|---|---|E -o-|---|---|---|---| Fmaj7
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